About us

Our Vision

We strongly believe "The world will deliver the value one brings to it". Everyone has a great potential to achieve much more by giving higher value in their career.

We want to help people to realize their true potential.

Our Mission

 To help professionals who are new to Canadian job market, fast forward their job search and realise their true potential .


  • Support academic learning with Career skills learning
  • Research career success and failure to develop success strategies
  • Support people to Get the Edge in their career
  • Connect people with important resources and other people

Our Goals

  • Simplify job search and career advancement process
  • Make career success as long term goal rather than short term agenda  
  • Support fast track job search

 Our team 

Director -Learning and development and marketing


Director /partner: Career coach


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Director /partner: Recruiter


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Director/partner-Employment consultant -employment lawyer


Bio -Coming soon

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