Course features and benefits


Course features 

Webinars(Free, Regular and premium members) 

Mentoring (Premium members) 

Learning material (Regular and premium members)

Interactive Video Slides show of over 1000 slides

Great wealth of information summarized available in simple format for easy and quick learning. 

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Practical exercises-(Regular paid and premium members)

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User Id -Career and Password -Success to view the samples

  • Journal -List out your learning experiences and regular reflection format  
  • Quiz: Great tool to review your understanding of concepts
  • Checklist: Effective monitoring of your job search and promotion progress
  • Quotes-Keeps you motivated at all stages and
  • Assignments-Variety of assignments including role plays and case studies
  • Formats and templates-Easy to use time saving formats and templates
  • Recommended books and Videos
  • More..

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Course blogs

Job Connection-Canada (Regular and premium members)

  • Recruiters List: List of hundreds of recruiters.
  • Company careers list-Extensive list of companies and link to their career pages. 
  • Job sites: List of all important websites and career alerts to get you thousands of job alerts in your inbox.
  • Job and networking fairs-Upcoming events-Do not miss any thing! Learn what is going around in jobs and networking.
  • Important articles :Hundreds of articles related to job search and promotion.It can help you stay ahead.
  • News: Know first and know more than others by getting job market news and updates.
  • Upcoming Events-Job fairs. Networking fairs,career events and more.

Job Board: Current opportunities from various websites  

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LinkedIn Community (Free ,Regular paid and premium members) 

Get the best of articles and job leads 

Expert advice-(Premium members)

 Need Expert help with job search, resume, interview or promotion .Setup time and learn the career success secrets.

 Group chat-(Regular paid and premium members)

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Live School --(Premium members)

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Rewards (Free ,Regular paid and premium members)

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