Course features and benefits


Course features 

Webinars(Free, Regular paid and premium members) 

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Mentoring ( Premium members) 

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Learning material (Regular paid and premium members)

Interactive Slides show

Great wealth of information summarized available in simple format for easy and quick learning. 

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Practical exercises -(Regular paid and premium members)

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  • Journal -List out your learning experiences and regular reflection format 
  • SWOT analysis: In-depth Self and industry analysis
  • 30 day challenge: Setup 30 days challenges and track your progress
  • 30/60/90 day :Effective short term goal setting and tracking tool
  • Job search and promotion Calendar
  • Quiz: Great tool to review your understanding of concepts
  • Checklist: Effective monitoring of your job search and promotion progress
  • Quotes-Keeps you motivated at all stages and
  • Assignments-Variety of assignments including role plays and fun games
  • Case studies and scenarios
  • Inspiring success stories 
  • Formats and templates-Easy to use time saving formats and templates
  • Mock Interview practice-recording
  • Videos

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Course blogs

Job Connection(Free ,Regular paid and premium members)

  • Recruiters List: List of recruiters and easy email contacts
  • Company careers list-Extensive list of companies and link to their career pages. 
  • Job sites: List of all important websites and career alerts to get you thousands of job alerts in your inbox
  • Job and networking fairs-Upcoming events-Do not miss any thing! Learn what is going around in
  • Important articles :Thousands of articles related to job search and promotion .It can help you stay ahead .
  • News: Know first and know more than others by getting job market news and updates.
  • Upcoming Events-Job fairs. Networking fairs ,career events and more

Job Board: Current opportunities from various websites  

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LinkedIn Community (Free ,Regular paid and premium members) 

Get the best of articles and job leads 

Expert advice-(Premium members)

 Need Expert help with job search, resume, interview or promotion .Setup time and learn the career success secrets.

 Group chat-(Regular paid and premium members)

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Live School --(Premium members)

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Rewards (Free ,Regular paid and premium members)

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