Course Fees and rewards





1) Why 1,3,6 Months Course Subscription

The courses are designed to give you flexibility and pace of learning. The study and practice time depends on individuals. The minimum time is indicated in each course to expect some results.

Most courses require 30 day challenge or 30,60,90 day action plan. If you take the courses diligently ,you will be able to complete the program in one year  and achieve the intended results.

2) What is the difference between Regular and Premium subscription

 The regular program offers only the course material whereas premium program includes feedback and expert guidance for career planning, resume ,interview etc.


 3) How do I enroll

You can enroll by sending your enrolment form at

4)What are the options for Schools and Colleges

There are numerous benefits of developing career skills in your students , such as faster employment , greater salary,higher student satisfaction leading to greater student admissions.

We can help support your efforts for providing technical skills along with career skills to help your students Get the Edge as compared to other schools and colleges.   


Last modified: Saturday, 14 April 2018, 2:46 AM