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Get The Edge -Job Search for Students/Recent graduates -

 No matter what your dream career will be ! You will need exceptional "Career Skills" . It will help you to excel in your career and stay ahead and stay different from others with same qualification and same or more experience.

Supplement your technical learning with life skills on how to get an Edge in career planning and job search through easy ,practical ways.

Key benefits :

  • Focus on personal development along with academics
  • Organized ,long term approach to careers
  • Greater understanding about job market and industry expectations
  • Fast track your job search
  • Structured ,organised and long term approach
  • Focus on prioritizing goals and career action plans
  • Get the Edge -Job Search -Education Institutions
  • Custom programs to enable  your students and graduates to complement technical learning with career skills development. 

    Now ,they can get the jobs faster and plan for their promotions.

    Key benefits:

    • Higher employment ratios for students and graduates
    • Quicker employment
    • Increase in Institution's branding



    Get the Edge -Job Search- Experienced Professionals

    Learn Job search and promotion skills. Get ahead of others. Learn occupation specific job search and promotion strategies. 

    Key benefits:

    • Fast track job search and promotions
    • Overcome career challenges
    • Gain higher income and greater job satisfaction




    Companies -Employers

     Custom programs to Create win -win situations both for prospective candidates and employers.

    Key benefits:

    • Higher employee engagement
    • Greater employee productivity
    • Employer and employee joint branding
    • Give a  Gift of life long learning to parting employees


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