What will I learn

2 Get the Edge -Career advancement

2.3 Soft skills for success

Do you know ,Why two graduates from same college or university perform differently and have different level of success after few years ? The answer is "Soft Skills".

What will you learn?

learn what specific soft skills are needed for your job.Find out how these soft skills can help achieve your career success.


Who should take this course? 

over qualified or over experienced and not able to achieve your true potential

How will you benefit

  • Achieve your true potential with real life skills
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Dramatically improve your performance 

Module/Course details

  •   Evaluate yourself ,your boss, peers and seniors
  •   Leadership for career success
  •   Team working
  •   Communication and presentation
  •   Problem solving
  •   Time management
  •   Negotiation skills
  •   Conflict resolution
  •   Positive attitude
  •   Get the Edge -Soft skills

Course Features

  • Success stories
  • Templates
  • Activities,role plays and case studies
  • Quiz and checklists
  • Extensive resources


16 hours (8 Hours learning, 8 Hours Practice)