What will I learn

2 Get the Edge -Career advancement

2.6 Retirement planning

What will you learn?

Are you able to achieve your personal and financial goals .It is never too early to plan for your retirement.How to plan for personal finances and retirement .


Who should take this course? 

Working extra but not able to save or plan for future.

How will you benefit

  • Shape your financial future
  • Develop an effective retirement plan
  • Dramatically improve your current performance 

Module/Course details

  •  Why you need Retirement planning?
  •  Retirement planning process and strategies
  •  Goals settings and action plans
  •  Lifestyle planning
  •  Financial planning
  •  Effective time planning
  •  Tools, apps and software
  •  Get the Edge tips

Course Features

  • Action plans
  • Success stories
  • Activity
  • Quiz and checklists
  • Extensive resources


16 hours (8 Hours learning, 8 Hours Practice)