What will I learn

2 Get the Edge -Career advancement

2.4 Job satisfaction

What will you learn?

Do you have a great job or career .Are you happy ! How happy are you? Find out what drives or should drive you to work.How to find real happiness  in current work. How to connect your personal goals with professional goals.


Who should take this course? 

Frustrated managing time and stress out of current job.

How will you benefit

  • Get best value from your current job
  • Manage your time and efforts
  • Reduce work stress
  • Dramatically improve your performance 

Module/Course details

  •   Purpose and meaning of job
  •   Job satisfaction
  •   Work evaluation
  •   Job and mental health
  •   Time management-Work life balance
  •   Work stress management
  •   Tools ,apps and surveys
  •   Get the Edge tips

Course Features

  • Success stories
  • Activity,case studies, role plays
  • Quiz and checklists
  • Extensive resources


16 hours (8 Hours learning, 8 Hours Practice)