What will I learn

2 Get the Edge -Career advancement

2.1 Career advancement strategy

What will you learn?

Practical tips to find out your promotability factor .What and how can you get yourself promoted faster.


Who should take this course? 

Frustrated or feeling stuck with current job .Working at same position for many years.

How will you benefit

  • Get to result oriented approach
  • Enhance your contribution 
  • Dramatically improve your performance at your current job

Module/Course details

  •   A dozen reasons why you need a promotion
  •   Assess your company ,seniors and peers
  •   Personal SWOT analysis
  •   Career Audits-Measure your growth
  •   Getting A plus in performance appraisals
  •   Internal networking
  •   Finding inside opportunities
  •   Promotion planning -30/60/90 day plan
  •   Effective time planning
  •   Role of mentors and coaches
  •   Licensing and certifications
  •   Get the Edge tips

Course Features

  • Action plans
  • Success stories
  • Templates
  • Quiz,Checklist
  • Extensive resources


16 hours (8 Hours learning, 8 Hours Practice)