What will I learn

1 Get the Edge-Job Search

1.1 Job search strategy

What will you learn? 

Do you wonder why your job search is not effective? Do you feel finding a Job is a full time job? Overwhelmed with too many things to do? If yes, find out what job search strategy can do for you to get a job much faster.

Who should take this course? 

Frustrated or feeling stuck? You current job search is not yielding results? 

How will you benefit

  • Get results with action oriented approach
  • Manage your time and efforts
  • Dramatically improve your performance

Module/Course details

  •   What is the purpose and meaning of job
  •   Top 10 -What new job means to me?
  •   Self-assessment-Conflict to clarity
  •   Job search planning
  •   Finding real opportunities
  •   Understand your competition
  •   Effective time planning
  •   Strategy for Hidden job market
  •   Company/market and industry research
  •   Effective job search tracking
  •   Dealing with unemployment
  •   Rate your performance
  •   Get the edge tips

Course Features

  • Action plans
  • Case studies
  • Quiz,Checklist
  • Job search calendar
  • Extensive resources-Job connection


16 hours (8 Hours learning, 8 Hours Practice)