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The course starts with finding out " Why do I need a better job" ? How does better job impact my esteem, family, finances and more.The course covers, what are real job search skills? How can my job search be more effective? How can it be all year round and not only when I am looking for a job? How can I get offer letters without applying? What is job search strategy and why do I need one? How my strategy should be aligned with the stakeholders ie.Recruiters.HR, Hiring Managers, Company and Job Market?

In general saying "your network is your net worth” and it is important "whom you know" along with "what you know"! Without a strong network,you may spend months and still fail to get the desired results. Also,find out how social media can make or break your career? Learn how to maximize LinkedIn, Twitter, Google,Facebook plus tools for your job search and branding.

Learn expert strategies for developing strong reliable network and use of social media tools for effective networking..


Why, I don't get any responses to my resumes? Why I need to spend hours and hours for each resume and cover letters and all goes waste.How can I make an exceptional resume in short time? What are the key elements of resume that differentiates me from others?

Learn how resume makeovers can help you get you ahead of others..


Firstly,it is so hard to get the interviews.It is less than 2% of people get the interview stage. Wonder why people fail during interviews? What are different types of interviews and if they require different preparation? How do I negotiate about salary? How to I evaluate the job offer?

The course covers candidate and interviewer's perspectives. 

I have got a job,Now what? Learn how to settle faster and make your first impression as a best impression.


New place, New people, New Culture, New Climate!

How can you be "NEW YOU" to adjust and prosper in a new country?

Learn more about common challenges a "Newcomer to Canada " face.Learn how to overcome these challenges.. 

What are success secrets for any career ? How should I prepare for job search for Canada.

What challenges that I will face and how can overcome them. How do I plan to settle in Canada and be successful.

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What the difference between job and career ? What is job market?

What all I need to know to develop a successful career? What is effective career planning for students and recent graduates ?

What external help for career counseling and coaching, I must have in order to stay ahead of others?

Learn what differentiates career success to career failure!